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About Us

We are a group of developers who want to make applications that users can trust, services that can verify the servers they are running on. We want to have our IoT devices capable of creating an Ecosystem of Trust by means of hardware root of trust.  To do this we are sharing experience, we meet online and collaborate openly.

Why You Should Join Us

IoT device or Cloud service, a modern connected system is at risk without ways to verify the integrity of the systems. We can help you learn how to use hardware-based security to protect your software and systems. We want to remove the knowledge barrier that limits the adoption of state of the art security. And If you are already using a HSM or TPM, we can advance the technology together by creating open-source reference applications. Welcome!

Upcoming releases

We are adding a new section for members called "Articles", it will be source of tutorials, know-how sharing and good practices. Join us to learn more and collaborate.

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