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We are a group of developers who want to make our applications trusted using hardware based security. For example, you can verify the (cloud) servers your applications use. Or, your IoT devices exist in an Ecosystem of Trust. Thanks to hardware root of trust and remote attestation, this is possible. We share know-how and meet online every Wednesday and collaborate openly.

Why You Should Join Us

  • We have over 120 regular members
  • We created over 40 video tutorials
  • We come together every Wednesday to discuss security issues and solutions

We want to remove the knowledge barrier that limits the adoption of this state-of-the-art security. If you are already using an HSM or TPM, then we can advance the technology together.

Upcoming releases

TPM.dev Courses

EnactTrust is Remote Attestation as a Service for Linux and Windows systems with TPM chips. You can use the TPM hardware root of trust for reporting to verify the integrity of any file or application on the system.

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